Monday, February 22, 2010

Especially for Pao Yu :)

Happy Birthday my Darling PAO YU .
We made this video especially for you .
Its a small thing ,
We didnt really plan what to say before recording as you can see .
Hence the awkward silences .
Special thanks to Sarn for talking allot and breaking the ice .
And ofcourse Dd for holding the camera behind the scenes .
and also Mandy for giving me a puff of cigg .
I totally didnt realize that until i saw the video . hahahaha wtf .
Anyways , Enjoy!!!!!!! :)
Mwahhh .

These other 2 videos were pretty much very random .
FYI , I didnt add the "dont stop believin" song . It was actually the radio playing .
damn clear right . I also abit shocked .

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